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"ARMOR X-BEAR" was created by XCROSS DASH, a casual and street entertainment fashion brand. Plush bears with a lot of personality, wearing a lot of armor. And the casual designs are suitable for both men and women.

As an entertainment fashion brand from 2023, XCROSS DASH is consciously working on fashion designs that are more attractive and enjoyable.

By designing similar designs with as few duplicates as possible, we will increase "brand value" and "rarity" and allow more people to have exclusive access to our original designs.

The "ARMOR X-BEAR" apparel design is a stuffed bear in armor, and we are creating many different types of designs, including different types of bears, colors, armor shapes and weapons, and serial numbers and symbols on the background.

We are also developing a service that will link NFT (non-fundable tokens) with the design of apparel items by the end of 2023.



    XCROSS DASH×DORANEKO COLLAB DESIGN TYPE-B | Unisex t-shirt | 19colors

    Everyone needs the perfect t-shirt to complement an everyday, laid-back look. The ideal top for so many occasions, this lightweight cotton tee will keep you comfy...

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    ARMOR X-BEAR LIMITED DESIGN MACHIN NO.9 TYPE-E | Unisex Lightweight T-shirt | 5colors

    This thick cotton t-shirt makes for a go-to wardrobe staple! It's comfortable, soft, and its tubular construction means it's less fitted. • 100% ring-spun cotton •...

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