Hi,everyone, I`m Kenji Fukumoto. Living in Saitama JAPAN. I am in charge of graphic design for T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. and run the original brand. I'm a designer, but I can't draw. Therefore, all the designs are made on a personal computer. I have no design experience at all and I am learning everything by myself. It's hard to compare to a professional designer, but I'll continue this work without giving up on the way.

"As long as your goals are clear, it's not a waste to get no results at this point."

▶▶Designer&Brand Owner K.FUKUMOTO


■My Profile



  • BIRTHDAY : 01/17/1977

  • AGE : 46 

  • HOBBY : Watching soccer&Boxing&Martial arts


  • MAIN DESIGN METHODS : Graphic design

■Brand Concept

Casual & Street fashion original brand XCROSS DASH is developing items designed with original ideas that are not bound by common sense. With the theme of "cute but cool", we continue to propose simple and timeless items that can be worn regardless of age or gender as the times change. 


■Origin of the name of XCROSS DASH

Keep running without hesitation, even when you are at some crossroads in your life. I named it that way. XCROSS DASH The letter "X" in the cross dash represents a turning point in life (several intersecting paths). "CROSS" represents a turning point or a crossroads, and "DASH" runs without hesitation! That's what it means.


■You are the one I need.

The relationship between us "X CROSS DASH" and you is not "seller and customer" but always "friends who love the brand". We hope that we can deliver even one feeling of gratitude with a design that can be worn by each of our important friends.